Our Initiatives

Policy Advocacy

Public Policy, Advocacy, and Regulatory Services: These are among the most important of our services and are designed to create a positive environment in which both start-ups and large companies can conduct businesses without regulatory glitches.
Our advocacy focuses on:
  • Free and fair competition in the sector.
  • Growth of Indian companies.
  • Progressive and minimum laws for our sector.
  • Equitable access to all consumers.
  • Best quality of services to consumers.
  • Safe and secure Internet for consumers.
We believe that public policy and regulatory work should add to the top-line of our member companies. Services for App Start-ups: We believe that the economy of the future will be an app-based economy.

Towards this, we provide the following services for app start-ups:
  • Incubators and co-working spaces (Bengaluru, Gurugram, Hyderabad, Kozhikode).
  • Connecting app start-ups with app developers, industry, mentors and investors.
  • Focus on creating a start-up ecosystem in smaller towns.
Credit Recovery: B2B credit recovery is emerging as a major problem for the digital industry and, if not addressed now, it may seriously affect the financial health of the business.

We currently have a very effective credit recovery system for publishers, agencies and ad-networks, which is our largest constituency.

We are keen to extend this to tech service providers as well as large e-commerce sellers.

Services for Founders: In order to provide peer-to-peer networking, learning and problem solving, we provide the following platforms for Founders:
  • Overseas learning trips
  • Domestic offsites
  • Social gatherings
In addition, we are creating a fund for entrepreneurs to provide them the necessary support on rare occasions when they find themselves in need of legal support.


Over the years, we have primarily focused on trade research. The annual ‘Internet in India Report’ which estimates the universe of digital users in India, is our flagship research. It has wide acceptance globally and the 2017 Internet Trends report by Mary Meekers quotes IAMAI’s user numbers for India. In addition, we also publish and ‘own’ several sectoral trade figures such as those for e-commerce, digital advertising etc. We also carry out strategic research, from time to time, around the contribution of the Internet to GDP and on Internet readiness of Indian States.
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