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In the age of Digital Transformation, the importance of gathering and managing audience data correctly is more important than ever. As marketers, there is a constant effort to augment ways of enhancing and enriching the process of audience development, precise targeting and personalisation. The Data and Digital Forum is where best minds from the industry collude to decode the formula to define, understand and analyse audience through data thereby taking the digitalization of business to another level altogether.

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Scaling For Success

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Monetizing the user data without hinderin the customer experience

Driving Personalisation for ROI at scalet

Using marketing data management to optimize engagement

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Salesforce began with the vision of reinventing Customer Relationship Management (CRM). All Salesforce products run entirely in the cloud so there’s no expensive setup costs, no maintenance and your employees can work from any device with an internet connection – smartphone, tablet or laptop. But Salesforce doesn’t start and end with CRM for Sales and Marketing. Their platform enables you to manage all interactions with your customers and prospects, so your organisation can grow and succeed. That’s why they call it the Customer Success Platform.