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Internet in India 2013
Internet in India 2013
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The latest round of I-Cube, a research conducted by IAMAI and IMRB International in June 2013, indicates that the Internet usage in India has gone up with more and more Internet Users using the Internet on a regular basis. In June 2013, India had 190 Million Internet Users. Of this, 130 Million belonged to Urban India and the rest 60 Million were from Rural India. In October, the number of internet users reached 205 Million and is estimated to reach 213 Million by December 2013. The number of internet users in urban India is 137 Million in October 2013 and is estimated to touch 141 Million by December 2013. In Rural India, there are 68 Million Internet users in October 2013 and will reach 72 Million by December 2013. Mobile Internet, too, has garnered a huge base among the Active Internet Users.
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