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Social Media Users to Impact 70 Seats in Bengal Assembly: IAMAI

New Delhi, April 09, 2016: Taking the theme of “Impact of Social Media on Elections” a level deeper than General Elections, the Internet & Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) with the support of The Campaign 360, has released a report on the impact of social media in the West Bengal Assembly elections. This report, the first in a series of assembly election reports, follows the hugely successful social media impact report that IAMAI published in 2014 on the eve of the General Elections.

According to the report, there are 70 High Impact constituencies in West Bengal, the results of which will likely be influenced by social media users. There are 21 medium impact and 203 low impact constituencies in the State. The report contends that 24% or 1 in 4 Constituencies which have been classified as ‘High Impact’ could determine the eventual winner in the State.


  Number of Constituencies % of These Constituencies outside the Top 10 Cities
High Impact 70 57%
Medium Impact 21 100%
Low Impact 203 100%
TOTAL 294  

A web survey of a representative sample of 250 social media users also found that TV and Print still stand as the most trusted media sources for election related content, while 41% rely on Social Media and 21% access Digital News. The report finds that 2 out of 5 Social media users in West Bengal also consider Social Media as the most reliable source of election information. A vast majority, 90% of Social Media users are following the Bengal Election on Social Media.

Additionally, during the 10 day tracking period between 22nd and 31st of March using social media “listening tools”, Corruption emerged as the topmost topic of discussion. Mamata Banerjee was the most discussed leader in Bengal while TMC was the most discussed party. The Left Front has minimal presence on Facebook and Twitter both from a Party and Leadership perspective. The BJP on the other hand has high exposure but relatively little presence (39% Social Media Share versus 17% vote share in 2014) on the ground. The new Facebook feature ‘Facebook Live’ (Live video feature) is among the most popular with politicians.


Day/Date No.1 issue No.1 Leader No.1 Party Comments
22 Tuesday Corruption Mamata Banerjee TMC Sting Operation
23 Wednesday Corruption Mamata Banerjee TMC  
24 Thursday Corruption Mamata Banerjee TMC  
25 Friday Corruption Mamata Banerjee TMC  
26 Saturday Minorities Mamata Banerjee TMC  
27 Sunday PM Speech Mamata Banerjee BJP PM
28 Monday Corruption Mamata Banerjee BJP  
29 Tuesday Industrialization Mamata Banerjee TMC  
30 Wednesday Political Issues Mamata Banerjee TMC/BJP Party Campaign on Twitter
31 Thursday Corruption Mamata Banerjee TMC Flyover Collapse


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