What is Digital Marketer's Awards?

Taking place for the first time, the Digital Marketers' Awards are designed to recognise exceptional work done by the Marketing fraternity to take their brands into the digital era. Brand Stewards i.e. the CMOs or the Heads of Marketing shepherd their teams and their company into creating brand assets. These awards will pay homage to these leaders if they have done a pioneering job of online asset creation amongst their peer-set for their brands. The entries will be judged by an exceptional jury who will not only look at results but also the leadership ability of the Marketer in creating an innovative marketing environment that has the ability to change the game of the branding and marketing industry.

You + Your Digital Marketing initiatives for your Brand = Winner


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If you are looking for an opportunity to get your brand/service noticed by the Marketing fraternity, then talk to us. There are not too many gatherings where the "like-minded" Marketers congregate who are digitally inclined. You can use the opportunity to network, present your service, share thoughts with the best advertisers amidst a premier set-up. A proper mix of 100 + attendees of the industry front runners along with their core team members.

Your company logo will appear on all the awards' trophies


Interaction with Marketing Leaders' & professionals of the industry

Awards' Night followed by Networking, Dinner & Cocktails.

Entry By Invitation Only

If you wish to send in self-nomination or nominate your CMO/Marketing Head for the awards', or if you wish you attend the awards' ceremony, write to us. Please note that the awards' ceremony can be attended by marketing professionals across sectors of brands/advertisers.


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Key Speaker

Mr. Adil Zainulbhai,
Network 18.

Mr. Adil Zainulbhai is currently Senior Advisor to McKinsey. He retired as Chairman of McKinsey, India after 34 years at McKinsey. He spent the last 10 years in India. Prior to returning to India, he led the Washington office of McKinsey and founded the Minneapolis office. Over the last 10 years in India, Mr. Adil has worked directly with the CEOs and promoters of some of the major companies in India and globally –private companies, MNCs and PSUs. Mr. Adil has also been working with several parts of the government and led efforts around urbanization, inclusive growth and energy. Recently, Mr. Adil co-edited the book, 'Reimagining India' which featured 60 authors including prominent businessmen, academics, economists, authors and journalists. The book has been #1 in non-fiction in India on its release and #2 on Amazon's International Business List in the US. Mr. Adil is currently on the Boards of Reliance Industries Ltd., Larsen & Toubro Ltd. and Cipla. He grew up in Bombay and graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology. He also has an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School. Mr. Adil is very active in community and social causes. He is a Board member of the American India Foundation, Saifee Hospital, Board of Trustees at Saifee Burhani Upliftment Trust (redeveloping Bhendi Bazaar in Mumbai), Advisory Board of the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Wockhardt Foundation, HMRI (Health Management Research Institute), Harvard Business School Alumni Association of India and on the Global Advisory Board of the Booth School of Business at University of Chicago.

Rules & Regulation

Purpose of the Award The Digital Marketer Awards is intended to recognize excellence and bestow accolades on the senior Digital Marketing executives, chosen from those who are nominated. The awards’ ceremony will be a gathering to reward breakthrough achievement in marketing & unparalleled outcomes across various categories beckon.

  How to Nominate
  1. Please carefully read and follow all Nomination Rules and Eligibility Requirements to ensure the nominee meets the necessary nomination criteria.
  2. Submit your nomination online, all nominations must be submitted electronically by January 28, 2016.
  3. Digital Marketer Awards Online Form
  4. After filling the form, mail your case study/case studies to (Only those campaigns selected by you in the form – Maximum 5 slides and should include Name of the Campaign, Description of Campaign, Results and Video link if any)
  5. All nominees will be notified of their nomination and will be asked to complete a questionnaire.  The judging panel will evaluate the nominee based on his/her answers and completion of the questionnaire.
  Nomination Rules and Eligibility Requirements
  1. All entries must include a 100% completed nomination form and conform to the entry requirements and questions.  Failure to submit a completed nomination form could result in the nominee being disqualified.
  2. Each nominee should be in an active leadership role at a company/business/nonprofit organization that is based in India to be considered for the award.
  3. All nominees’ business accomplishments and contributions must be of real marketing efforts.  No conceptual, hypothetical or abstract work will be considered.
  4. By submitting to the Digital Marketer Award all nominators acknowledge the right to IAMAI to share the details with the Jury and officials involved in the process
  5. IAMAI and the judging panel reserve the right to rescind an award given out if it is proven that the work submitted was false, invalid, unlawful, illegal or otherwise infringes upon the intellectual property or proprietary rights of a third party.
  Judging Panel and Evaluation Criteria Nominations will be reviewed by a panel of distinguished judges. Nominees will be evaluated on the following criteria:
  • Their perspective and views on Digital Media
  • Their innovative contribution(s) of Digital Marketing to their industry/firm/market
  • Their and their brands online presence
  • Evaluation by peers



4th Feb 2016; Hyatt Regency, Mumbai

Sneha Talreja

+91-9920 164969