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IAMAI committees are dynamic formation representing current priorities of the association. At present there are the following committees working on specific issues: -


Working Committees of IAMAI


The Mandate of the Group is to evangelize digital as a medium of marketing among key stakeholders and growth of the medium.



Key Focus:


  • Increase the share of digital medium in advertising spends of brands (with recent focus on Mobile Marketing)
  • To set up and operate smooth billing process and credit recovery system among agencies and publishers. A MoU has been signed with the Advertising Agency Association of India (AAAI) and the process is already being practised on monthly basis.
  • Sharing of best practices and new developments in the industry among larger stakeholders


Key stakeholders: Publishers, Advertising Agencies, Ad-networks, Advertisers


The Mandate of the Group is to promote adoption of mobile internet and therefore mobile content, services and data.


Expected outcome:


A shared vision and goal among stakeholders on promotion of mobile internet, data and Services and increased collaboration and co-operation among stakeholders, including government and regulators on realizing the shared vision.



Key Focus:


  • Address and influence common Regulatory Issues
  • Create Self Regulatory groups
  • Discuss Common Business Challenges (Sustainable Growth)
  • Explore and establish newer Business Opportunities
  • Strengthen relationship with telecom Operators , OEMs, Platform providers


Main stakeholders: Regulators, Telecom Service Providers, OEMs/ Handset Manufacturers, Platform Providers


The mandate of the committee is to promote ecommerce in India. The Committee will work closely with government towards establishing a predictable, minimalist, consistent and simple environment for commerce. The committee Interacts regularly with RBI on Credit Card issues.


Membership of the committee is open to any e-commerce company or any offline company with significant interest in e-commerce.


Key Focus Areas:


  • Committee would proactively focus on GST
  • State Tax issues
  • Growth of Market place


The mandate of the committee is to address industry issues directly with the government & other stakeholders and create a platform for the overall outreach for members on:


  • Importance of Internet & Mobile economy in the country
  • Online innovation & creativity
  • Trust & safety online


To help create business environment conducive for platforms and user-generated-content businesses to thrive unimpeded. The committee interacts regularly with government and other regulatory bodies.

The Payments Council of India was formed in the year 2013 catering to the needs of the digital payment industry. The Council was formed inter-alia for the purposes of representing the various regulated non-banking payment industry players, to address and help resolve various industry level issues and barriers which require discussion and action. The council works with all its members to promote payments industry growth and to support our national goal of 'Cash to Less Cash Society' and 'Growth of Financial Inclusion' which is also the Vision Shared by the RBI and Government of India. PCI works closely with the regulators i.e. Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Finance Ministry and any similar government departments, bodies or institutions to make 'India a less cash society. PCI has a distinct character and Rules of Business as may be required for it to be operationally independent even while being a part of Internet and Mobile Association of India ("IAMAI").


PCI is governed by an Executive Council comprising of 8 members representing the digital payments industry. To focus on the vast sectors in the digital payments space, four working groups have been formed under PCI which are:


  • Prepaid Payment Issuers
  • Merchant Aggregators and Acquirers
  • International  Money Transfer
  • White Label and Mobile POS



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